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Optional Recall Announcement

An optional recall is launched for corrective maintenance on 42GW/42NH/42NL/42N series CARRIER Fancoil devices, manufactured between March 2017 and October 2018.

Recently it is found that the plastic used in the conduit box of 42GW/42NH/42NL/42N series Fancoil devices cannot contain fire as required under the regulations, should a fire begin in the conduit box.

Aware of our utmost responsibility of providing problem-free and reliable products to you, we decided to replace the plastic conduit boxes at our firm’s expense, at any site the abovementioned series of products are installed.

The conduit box replacement procedure is described below.

Therefore, we would like to notify you about the commencement of the corrective maintenance action, and ask for your support. We request;

1. Your customer details regarding the abovementioned devices:

- Customer’s name and address. The contractor’s or end-user’s details may be provided;

- Current location of the device;

- Reference number and installation date of the device.

2. Whether you had any failure with these devices, to date;

3. If any planned maintenance or repair is to take place, please notify us and put your plans on hold while we carry out corrective maintenance;

4. If you have these devices in inventory, use them with our approval or after the replacement of the conduit box;

5. If a customer calls you about a defect regarding these devices, please notify us and inform the customer that Alarko Carrier Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. will contact her shortly, and that the device should not be used in the meantime.

You can provide the information regarding the points above, to the assigned team:

Call Center: 444 0 128


Please state your reason for calling as the Optional Recall Announcement.

Our team will contact your customers to provide them information, and to plan corrective maintenance operations.  All procedures will be free of charge.

We hereby represent and warrant that the data is to be collected only for the corrective maintenance procedure described above, that it will be protected in compliance with the UTC privacy policy provided at the address , and that the data will not be used for other purposes.

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