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Alarko Techem Heating Cost Allocation Services

Perfect Measurement, Perfect Cost Allocation Allocation of common costs is amongst the biggest problems between apartment managers, landlords and tenants. These problems are solved completely with Alarko - Techem’s cost reporting system. Usage values per apartment may be calculated according the usage amounts detected by heat cost allocators in buildings heated by a central heating system. At the end of each period, data read is printed out in detail and sent to the users as the individual heat cost. Reading operation is performed completely automatically. Information transferred to Alarko - Techem data center is submitted to building management with cost reports issued individually for building management and for the households. With the decision of building management, costs of the building other than the heating costs may also be added to cost allocation if required.

Your Global Solutions Partner in Heat Cost Allocation Services

Alarko - Techem service chain starts with the quality heat and water measurement devices with proven efficiency and advanced German technology. With the heat cost allocation devices (heat cost allocators, heat and water meters) that measure the consumption fairly and transparently as per each apartment, it is actually possible to imagine saving about one third of your energy consumption now.

Heat Your Apartment As You Desire and Pay As You Have Used!

Heat cost allocators that record individual heat consumption values by being installed on each radiator in buildings heated with a central heating system allow heat cost allocation for each apartment as per their actual consumption values.

High Measurement Accuracy, Easy Installation

These are devices that can measure the intake temperature, return temperature, flow rate and the amount of heating consumed in collector (mobile) systems with a mechanical fan/wheel. They are suitable for any diameter and method of installation. They allow remote reading with RF and automation.

With heating meters suitable for any flow rate and connection type used for heating and cooling lines, Alarko - Techem provides specific solutions for you and your requirements.

It's Time For Investment on Saving

Energy will always be more expensive from now on. Heat cost allocation system is a means of save on heating costs in winter with the 30% (average) savings it provides.

An essential element of the heat cost allocation system is its thermostatic radiator valve. Radiator is removed to install the thermostatic valve. And, this requires turning off of the heating boiler and discharging of the water inside the heating installation.

Spring and summer are the best days for those who are not able to perform this procedure in winter. Heaters are being turned off, the languor of summer has not started yet, there is no rush for "preparation for the new season". We recommend you to have your system prepared before winter comes.

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