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Hygromatik Humidifiers

Hygromatik product range: Steam humidifiers Steam generators Atomiser humidifiers Pressurized steam systems

HygroMatik steam humidifier
Best room climate and process conditions.
The optimal humidity of a room has a decisive influence on the well-being and health of the people. A stable and controllable indoor climate is also essential for many production processes.
HygroMatik provides sustainable humidification solutions for industry, commercial, culture and leisure buildings.


HygroMatik steam generators

For spa and wellness applications


HygroMatik Atomisers

Air humidification and room cooling using water atomisation.
Here, the humidifying water is atomised into tiny droplets, or aerosols. The aerosols take the energy needed for conversion into a gas from the surrounding air, in the form of heat. This means the atomisation has a cooling (adiabatic)effect on the temperature of the room.
The electrical energy requirement is particularly low in this type of humidifier. Due to the energy-efficient generation of cooling power, the running costs for managing your room conditions can be kept very low.


HygroMatik Pressure steam system DDS
The HygroMatik pressure steam system DDS System is connected to an existing source of steam, and makes the steam condensation free, which means it can be used in clean rooms and hospitals, for example.
The new HygroMatik DDS is the only system that offers four components in one compact unit; High performance steam separator, strainer, condensate drain and start-up safety switch - all in stainless steel VA. Compact, light, energy-saving.
The DDS can be put together to suit the individual application. The standard flanged connections, compact dimensions and the low intrinsic weight mean it is easy to install - even in challenging installation conditions.
The HygroMatik DDS humidifies using condensate-free saturated steam,which means it offers the shortest possible humidification distances.

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