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Alarko AL 6"/ALK 6" Submersible Motors

Alarko submersible pumps are UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL and UNINTERRUPTED WATER SOURCE in potable water status by everytime being ready to use with no trouble And with short reimbursement term.

Alarko submersible pumps are MULTIFUNCTIONAL because of usable for from detached houses to skyscrapers and because of obtained advantage using it as a water stocking hydrophore.

Alarko submersible pumps are PROPER INVESTMENT in providing using water and rocess water in industrial facilities and administrations because of

High efficiency

And long life period.


Alarko submersible pumps are RELIABLE FRIENDS of garden lovers and farmers on horticulture, agriculture and from little house garden to agricultural land as thousands acres.


Alarko submersible pump is a UNIQUE RELIABLE WATER SOURCE for touristic facilities, which especially need more water in tourism term.


Alarko submersible pumps are PREEMINENT because of

High technology


Continual and quality service

Quick procurement of spare part.


Alarko ECO motors have a patented design with “Useful Model” certificate, developed in cooperation with Middle East Technical University using modern simulation and high-end engineering software. (TR 2000 01 1496 U). Increased efficiency and CosFi values make a much more environmentalist feature. As it contributes to the country’s economy with lower energy consumption than its similar, it also causes lower carbon emission.


The materials used in the product are selected not to affect and be affected by the environment of use. At the end of the product life, almost all of the materials are recycled due to their high commercial scrap value.


The decreasing length and weight enables the product to be assembled and disassembled easier; and the costs of transportation, storage and packaging have also decreased.
Especially; the decrease in length caused the distance between motor bearings to shorten, and the necessity for tight tolerancing of bearing cover is removed. The decrease in rotating masses increased the balance quality and vibration events decreased. The shortening in the motor stator package decreased the wire damages in coil workmanship. Motor life is increased thanks to the development Works. Alarko Motors are tested one by one in reliable, modern laboratories in accordance with related standards.
The possibility to use thermal protection tools like PTC / PT100 in Alarko ALK motors provide extra safety.


The standard features for Alarko Motors are

Pump connection conforming to NEMA standards

Re-windable stator

Water lubricated and cooled axial bearings

Coil wires resistant to high temperature

Water-proof motor exit cable connection

Special NBR membrane that balances motor inner pressure

Special design that prevents sand from entering the motor

Motor outer diameter design conforming - to drill pipe diameters

Protective antifreeze applications for stand-by in low temperatures.


The optional features for Alarko Motors are

Special models for 40 C well water temperature

P68 protection class (ALK models)

Stainless steel motor housing.

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