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Expansion Tanks - KGT Series

Expansion tanks are designed to compensate the changing volume of the heated water in heating systems, to maintain the static pressure created by the pump at the utilisation level in water production, and to compensate the changes in water flow rate. A right choice of expansion tank prevents sudden changes in pressure and provides a longer life for the pump and other elements of the system. Thanks to their hygienic EPDM membranes, Konforal Alarko expansion tanks are reliable in both heating and drinking water systems.

Alarko tanks and membranes are designed to perfectly match. There is no contact between the water and the tank, and thus all tanks are suitable for both heating cooling and drinking water production.

Membranes are made of EPDM material, with is the best quality, odourless and suitable to be used with food produces.

Operating temperature range of tanks are -10°C and +100°C.

Anti-freeze used in cooling system does not have any undesirable impact on the membrane.

Tanks are coated with electrostatic powder paint.

100 liter and bigger tanks have manometers.

Tanks are delivered with a factory-filled pre gas pressurre of 1,5 bars. If required, the pressure can be readjusted during the installation. Refer to the Instruction Manuel for these operations.

Tanks are guaranteed for one year against any faults in production.

All tanks are delivered with their Guarantee Form and Instruction Manual.

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