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Human Resources

Alarko Carrier's approach to self-generated resources is priority for people. After all, it is the individual and the employee who manages, supervises, develops and decides all resources. The quality, capacity and sophistication of the employee are the greatest wealth that an organization can have.

Alarko Carrier is attentive under all circumstances to develop and liberalize its employees personally and professionally and to share success with them in line with its main principles.
For this, in house, it has adopted the following as main policy:

• being open to and honest with its employees,
• equality of opportunity for all its employees,
• providing the social balance between its employees,
• evaluating the merit and successful work.

Alarko Carrier seeks the following qualities in those who want to work in this institution in the future:

• To have business ethics and honesty in line with the main principles of Alarko Carrier.
• Not to compromise on care and quality in all his/her work.
• Customer care and priority in all circumstances.
• To be open to development.
• Researcher, creative personality.
• Individual entrepreneurship.
• Adopting team work and taking responsibility.
• To be aware that he/she contributes to the economy of the country.
• To be aware of changing world conditions.
• To act in the responsibility of being in international markets.

Operating Policy
To operate as per the traditions of Alarko Carrier on social policy, environment, occupational health and safety, and ISO 50001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, SA 8000 Standards;

To keep the workplace away from risks, to render products and services safe and to protect employees against accidents and risks,

To prevent occupational health issues caused by working with devices with display, and working in unergonomic conditions,

To provide prevention of pollution by adopting our commitment to protect nature in all our operations as our principle and to increase efficiency and to ensure reduction of consumption by eliminating wasting by taking consumption of natural resources under control,

To monitor energy consumption for each condition and process, to develop projects for reduction of consumption and to increase efficiency by making research on alternative resources,

To achieve continuous development in the recorded performances,

To meet the requirements on Turkish Labour Legislation and laws on environment, health and occupational safety.

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