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Company Overview

Since its establishment in 1954 Alarko Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has been operating in the fields of heating, cooling, air conditioning and water pressurization. In 1998, the company established an equal partnership with Carrier, a world leader in its field, and the company’s name was changed to Alarko Carrier Industry and Trade Co. Inc. Alarko Carrier renovated its technology, increased its foreign market access possibilities and competitive power.

Founded in 1954, ALARKO owes its reputation for reliability and prestige to its observance of global standards and its sense of responsibility towards the Turkish public opinion.

To act honestly towards the government, its customers, its shareholders, its personnel and its suppliers at all times.

To preserve the environment and social balance within the corporation.

To guide the customer with impartiality, while giving first priority to the wishes of the customer.

To give utmost importance to quality even when the customer is satisfied.

To achieve the profitability well deserved by the shareholders.

To implement autonomous management with centralised auditing system. To bring autonomy down to lowest levels. To develop lower level decision making and upper level approval system.

To motivate employees with profit bonus formulas.

To develop employee training systems, aiming at upgrading their educational level.

To develop an entrepreneurial mentality in all employees, aiming at profitability for the corporation.

To give utmost priority to teamwork to share equally profits, the losses, the successes and the failures.

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