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Hot Water Storage Tank

Storage Tank - Maxi
Storage Tank - Accumulation Tank
Storage Tank - Isıl Denge Tankı
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Alarko Buffer Tank

Please contact Alarko Dealers for detail information.

Storage Tank Type
Storage Tank - Isıl Denge Tankı
Detaylı Bilgi

Alarko Konforal Hot Water Storage Tank - Maxi

Alarko Maxi Storage Tanks are designed for ideal performance, even at low temperatures of heat pumps. When compared with ASB1 Storage Tanks Maxi Storage Tanks provide a higher performance in hot water heater conditions. Thanks to smooth distribution from the bottom to the highest point of spirals where heating fluid circulates, heat is distributed evenly inside the boiler. No cold regions causing proliferation of bacteria.

Storage Tank Type
Storage Tank - Maxi
Detaylı Bilgi

Alarko Hot Water Storage Tank

Alarko hot water storage tanks meet domestic hot water needs of conscious users of 2000s through their improved technology and perfect design. A product resulted from an experience of more then half century in industry and advanced technology... It satisfies comfort, safety and economy simultaneously. Offers the most perfect selection range for villas, apartments, hospitals, hotels and business places through 100-1.000 liter volume and 230-3.450 liter/hour capacity range, 2 models and 15 types, easy to use and installation.

Storage Tank Type
Storage Tank - Accumulation Tank
Detaylı Bilgi

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