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Carrier 48/50 UA/UH Packaged Rooftop Unit (120 – 200 kW)

The packaged roof top units are flexible and efficient air conditioners, designed for outdoor installations. The units are self-contained and can be installed in commercial and industrial applications.

50UA/UH units are packaged roof top cooling units/feversible heat pumps, available with additional heating opsitons. (hot water coil or electric heaters)

48UA/UH units are packaged roof top cooling units/reversible heat pumps, factory fitted with a multi-stage gas heater. 


ADAPTABILITY - The all-in-one solution for every need

  • Worldwide experience

Since 2004, Carrier’s 48UA/UH & 50UA/UH rooftop range has been installed in thousands of locations worldwide. All units are factorytested before shipment in many control stations to ensure the highest level of quality. 

  • Versatility

The rooftop units may be configured to precisely match the building requirements through the use of factory and field-installed options/accessories such as: integrated economizer, power exhaust, variable-air-volume (VAV), high efficiency filters and auxillary heating options.

  • Easy installation

The rooftop units can be provided with dedicated vertical or horizontal supply/ return configurations to allow easy use on refurbishment or new construction applications. Carrier rooftop units excel in this area by providing single-point electrical connections (making electrical service access available) and large-sized hinged access panels


PERFORMANCE - More precision, more energy savings

  • Advanced Control

The Touch Pilot™ control algorithm sets new standards for rooftops: precise resource control, speed of response, interactive and self-explanatory user interface together with web-server capability.

  • Heat Recovery

Wheel-type heat recovery reclaims up to 88% of the heat from the extracted air and transfers it to the supply air, considerably reducing the thermal load on the heating and air conditioning equipment. High-efficiency plug fan with frequency drive adjusts the fan speed to minimize power consumption when outside conditions permit.

  • Smart Efficiency

Carrier rooftops deliver on the energy savings and reduced carbon footprint required by the latest European regulations. The VAV supply fan option allows a large fan-absorbed power reduction, improving unit part load efficiencies up to 30% in cooling and heating modes compared to the constant-air-volume fan (CAV). It offers Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) in cooling of up to 3.58, making them the best value air conditioning solution in commercial and industrial applications.

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