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Carrier 48/50 UCV/UPV Packaged Roof Top Unit (25 – 90 kW)

A rooftop is a unitary system installed outdoor and provides air conditioning of the room air through ducts with the ability to supply heating, cooling and ventilation in one concise unit. With a total of 4 fixed speed compressors in 2 independent refrigerant circuit or optional inverter compressor, energy savings are enabled by reducing the power consumed of the units under partial load conditions. Additionally, EC plug fans used as standard at supply air side and return air side enable both efficiency and convenience when servicing. Thanks to EC plug fans, indoor pressurizing control is enabled with pressure control option.

With a total of 4 fixed speed compressors in 2 independent refrigerant circuits or with an optional inverter compressor, energy savings are obtained by reducing the power consumed by the units under partial load conditions. Additionally both efficiency and ease of service are provided thanks to the EC plug fans used as standard at supply air side and return air side. EC plug fans also allow indoor pressurizing control with the pressure control option.

One of the greatest benefit of these new generation units is the fact that they may meet for any duct connection direction requirement on site. Even if all the options at both supply and return air side are selected, duct connections from bottom, top or sides are possible.

At indoor unit side where air is conditioned, 30 mm double skin fibreglass insulated panels are used as standard to ensure thermal performance and air tightness.

Alternative to DX coil heating, heating demand may also be met by a multi stage electric heater, a proportionally-controlled hot water coil or proportionally-controlled high-efficiency condensed natural gas heaters with low NOx emission, all integrated into the unit.

For heat recovery, both rotary and thermodynamic heat recovery options may be selected. Thermodynamic heat recovery option includes a reversible cooling circuit inside the unit without requiring any additional space, therefore enables continuous heat recovery from return air, especially for regions where summer/winter seasons are moderate. For rotary heat recovery, an additional module may easily be installed on site and enables high capacity and high efficiency heat recovery for climates with severe summer/winter seasons. Rotary heat recovery provide economy as they can be selected as small and large modules for 50% and 100% fresh air. Additionally, both enthalpic and sorption type may be selected, and thus total energy to be recovered may be increased by allowing to utilize both sensible and latent heat depending on the humidity ratio of the ambient air.

The 48/50 UCV/UPV rooftops are delivered with Touch Pilot colour touchscreen user interface as the other Carrier chillers. With this interface, user may access all the parameters of the unit, and, may control the unit from anywhere in the world over the Internet through an ethernet cable connected to the unit.

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