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Alarko Konforal Hot Water Storage Tank - Maxi

Alarko Maxi Storage Tanks are designed for ideal performance, even at low temperatures of heat pumps. When compared with ASB1 Storage Tanks Maxi Storage Tanks provide a higher performance in hot water heater conditions. Thanks to smooth distribution from the bottom to the highest point of spirals where heating fluid circulates, heat is distributed evenly inside the boiler. No cold regions causing proliferation of bacteria.

Serviceable And Hygienic
All internal surfaces are coated by a special enamel of 400 micron thickness.

Electric Heater
Can be utilized without using heating fluid.

Perfect Insulation
Insulation with rough 50mm thick polyurethane foam for boilers of 160-500 litres and soft 80mm thick polyurethane foam for boilers of 1000-2000 litres.

Confirms European Standards
Full confirms pr EN 12897 standard for production basis, durability and efficiency values.

Full Quality Control
Safety is ensured during production stage by applying 13 bar test pressure one by one.

Elegant End Modern Design
Cylindrical construction, electrostatic powder painted cover.

Corrosion Resistant
Anodic protection is provided through a magnesium anode installed inside the tank. Device is protected against chemical and electrochemical reactions and metal wear is avoided.


Operating Principle
Hot water provided from any heating source, such as heat pump or hot water cylinder is used as heating fluid. The heat of the heating fluid is transferred to domestic water through a coil with big cross section and large heat transfer surface.

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