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Alarko Aldens Condensing Boiler

Elegant and modern design, durable stainless steel exchanger with long service life. Capacities of 105, 130 and 150 kW ( at 50/30°C). High condensation efficiency up to 109%. Massive project solutions with cascading capability up to 16 x 16 = 256 units and 38.400 kW.
  • 6 bar maximum operating pressure, 6 bar safety valve and expansion tank connection T piece are provided free of charge in each boiler package
  • Elegant control panel with Turkish menu
  • Exchanger maintenance without draining boiler or heating system water even while the heating system is under pressure
  • Complies with EN 15502 norm (gas fired boilers with a rated heat load under 1,000 kW)
  • Natural gas compatible
  • Certified for EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) and LVD (Low Voltage Directive)

State-of-the-art Siemens branded LMS14 board is used.

Control of heating, domestic hot water and solar energy applications

Parameter loading with the parameter stick

Time scheduling for heating, boiler and an external relay

Capability of connecting up to 256 cascade boilers aged equally

Control of additional circuits with the capability for connecting 3 expansion modules

1 pc. of 230V energy outlet

3 pcs. of 230V relay outlets: Staged boiler pump, direct circuit pump and DHW tank pump (1 three-way valve for diverting on/off operation may connect)

Modulating pump control with 1 PWM (pulse width modulation) connection

4 empty sensor connections (outside, cascade and DHW tank sensors are assigned, and one unassigned)

3 digital inlets (e.g. on/off control for 3 different heating circuits with 3 room thermostats or swimming pool control)

Changing of comfort/economy mode and boiler water temperature for 2 different heating circuits with 2 internal room unit connections

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