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Alarko 4" DMD - P Series Submersible Pumps

Submersible pump is your biggest helper when present resources are inadequate and ground waters should be extracted. It is unrivaled, problem-free and economic in supplying drinking and usage waters. It is robust and long-lived. Especially in tourism season, in touristic facilities where water is needed more than ever, it helps the problem of water be remedied in cases where city main is inadequate. It is the most suitable solution for well water use in buildings, and car wash stations. It is farmer and producer’s biggest friend in irrigation of garden and agricultural areas. It overcomes water-problem and drought, and brings life to the soil and abundance to the produce. Alarko Diamond submersible pumps meet all your needs with 6 type, 44 models and high-reliability components with a capacity interval of 0,5-21 m³/hour.

Alarko submersible pumps are pumps that are always ready to use in usage and drinking water areas, problem-free, paying their investment in a short time. The only uninterruptible, personal water source.

With its high efficiency and long life in industrial facility and establishments for providing process and usage water a suitable investment.

Especially in tourism season in touristic facilities where water is needed more than ever, the only reliable water source.

Superior thanks to their additional use as a waterbooster for storage of usage water of various purposed in all kinds of buildings from separate houses to skyscrapers, and thus they are very functional.

For gardening and agriculture; irrigating a small house garden or tens of thousands of acres of agricultural areas for gardeners and farmers makes alarko submersible pumps a reliable friend.

With its superior technology, economy, constant and quality service, fast spare part supply system, it is unrivaled.

For Secure And Efficient Use

The well water temperature and the amount of sand in the well water must be analyzed in a laboratory. The maximum sand amount in the well water must be 25 gr/m3, and maximum well water temperature must be 40˚C.

Pipes and pipe clamps must have enough strength to carry the pump group, the water in the vertical pipe and its own weight.

It is recommended that thee well diameter is at least 2” (inches) larger than the pump diameter.

The distance between the pump suction filter and well filter must have maximum distance.

The lower end of the motor and the well bottom must be at least 50 cm apart. The height of the pump descending into the well is determined accordingly.

The assembly depth of the pump is the Net Positive Suction Height which is the minimum depth that the pump can operate without sucking air. Must be suitable to (NPSH) values.

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