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Energy Efficiency Consultancy (EEC) Services

Energy Efficiency; is defined as the reduction of energy consumption without compromising on the living standard and service quality in buildings, and on the production quality and amount in industrial businesses, and without preventing the economic development and social welfare, and as the provision of same benefit with less energy. Alarko Carrier is amongst the first companies authorized for energy efficiency consultancy.

Alarko Carrier is amongst the first companies authorized for energy efficiency consultancy.

Leading the industry on energy efficiency with its state-of-the-art environment-friendly products, its know-how and experience over 60 years and team of specialists on cooling, heating, air conditioning, building automation systems, Alarko Carrier is amongst the first companies in Turkey authorized for Energy Efficiency Consultancy.

Adopting service quality and customer satisfaction as its principle, Alarko Carrier provides the following for service and commercial buildings as an Energy Efficiency Consultancy Company with its certified engineers and solutions partners specializing on the subject in the cover of laws and regulations:

Execution of energy consultancy services covering subjects such as cooling, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, hot utility water, illumination, automation, power systems, insulation and renewable energy,

Performs energy audits and prepares projects that improve efficiency with the precautions described in the report issued as a result of these audits, Supports application work as contracted or not contracted.

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