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Alarko Panel Radiators

The Art of Heating... Alarko steel panel radiators are produced in series and complying with DIN EN 442 through the high-tech computer controlled modern production lines established by Alarko Steel Panel Radiator Production Plant. The dies which are used in the production were prepared in Germany. Welding lines and test pool were designed in Switzerland. Surface preparation, coating and painting facilities have the most recent technology. The main casing of radiators is produced from cold rolled steel in comformity with EN standards.

Chic and Decorative 
Alarko steel panel radiators lend a chic and decorative aspect to the environment in which they are placed. 


Alarko steel panel radiators offer an elegance that is indispensable among those who know how to appreciate it.


Alarko steel panel radiators are selected by discriminating people. This line is indeed extraordinary, a point not so easily reached-even by those who desire it!


Alarko steel panel radiators are produced and coated according to the latest technology on computer-controlled assembly lines. These highly efficient radiators are resistant to corrosion, chemicals, impact, scratches and ambient air conditions. The smooth surfaces don't collect dust, and the special covering system allows for easy cleaning.

Rich Alternatives

Alarko steel panel radiators provide possibility of selection of radiators which have dimensions most suitable to the heat requirement of environment and to the architectural and decorative design with their types produced in 6 different heights between 300-900 mm. and 21 different lengths between 400-1.800 mm. with an increment of 100 mm. and 2.000-3.000 mm. with an increment of 200 mm. They are coated in white colour (RAL 9016) as standard. Coating can be made in desired colours for special cumulative orders.

Multiple Adaptations

Alarko steel panel radiators, with their perfect designs and up-to-date production technology, are the excellent choice for use in multi-story buildings in which high operation pressure is required.
The various alternative sizes available and their compactness also make them suitable for smaller environments.
Alarko steel panel radiators can also be supplied with compact valve ensuring piping connection from the bottom side. This type of radiator provides savings in heating costs, when equipped with a thermostatic regulator.

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