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Alarko L, MS, RMS Series Light, Medium & Heavy Oil Burners

Work of a long experience, high efficiency, low fuel consumption, wide range of models, full series, three-year guarantee with the Certificate of Turkish Institue for Standarts (TSE).

Work of a Long Experience

Burners designed and produced at Alarko Carrier plants are works of long experience and are manufactured by the leading Turkish Industrial establishments with ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 Quality 

Certificates of the BSI

Alarko L, MS and RMS Series oil burners are equipped with the components of the the world leading manufacturers to assure a full automatic, trouble-free and safe operation.

Wide Range of Models, Full Series

Total 6 models of double-stage and modulating (without stages) according to the heat demand burners with a capacity range between 90-360 kg/h. Wide capacity range provides the best and the most economic alternatives for heating and domestic hot water demands of houses, small-medium-large industrial and commercial establishments.

High Efficiency - Low Fuel Consumption

Low oil consumption assured with new technologies of combustion air supply and oil - air mixture.

Three-year Guarantee with the Certificate of Turkish Institue for Standarts (TSE)

TSE certified Alarko light, medium and heavy oil burners are guaranteed for three years for troubles and spare parts. Alarko Carrier provides safe and reliable services by way of its authorised service stations all over the country

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