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Alarko CGS3 Series Gas and Liquid Fuel Steel Boiler

State of the art technology. High efficiency. Long service life. Aesthetically appealing design. Compatible with the burner operation. Easy installation, simple maintenance and safe operation. Perfect circulation and maximum heat transfer. Minimum feed losses. Perfect isolation and sealing. Low emission and environmentally friendly. Complete comfort with ekopanel.

State of the art technology
All manufacturing processes, methods and materials comply with the relevant European and national norms. Boilers are manufactured using cutting edge automation technologies such as CNC punch, CNC plasma, NC welding robots and NC bending.

High efficiency
High volume combustion chamber and maximized heat transfer surfaces ensure efficiency and maximized energy transfer to water. Efficiency is maximized while gas and water side boiler resistance and boiler stand-by losses are minimized. As the burner flame travels through the combustion chamber following a shorter route, quicker and with lower heat, the CGS3 series boilers have lower nitrogen oxide emissions compared to 2 pass boilers. No environmentally hazardous materials (such as asbestos) were used in production of the boiler.

Long service life
Long service life thanks to design and calculations in accordance with European directives (EN12953), certified materials, balanced design in the thermal expansion areas and approved automated source methods. 5 years warranty.

Compatible with the burner operation

No need for long nozzle, high pressure burners. A highly efficient, stable, smooth and silent combustion is achieved through the use of burners in accordance with EN 676 and EN 267 standards

Aesthetically appealing design

The outer protection plates are double shielded against corrosion and ambient conditions:
1. Both surfaces are coated with a special organic protective primer coating.
2. The front side is coated with an appealing, protective topcoat.

Low emission and environmentally friendly

Harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide are below the European limits thanks to its large volume combustion chamber which enable a complete burning process with low flame temperatures, optimal heat transfer surfaces and burner parameters in accordance with the norms.

Minimum feed losses

Boiler radiation and stand-by losses are kept at minimum thanks to aluminium foil, glass wool insulation.

Complete comfort with ekopanel

Up to 20% savings, up to 35% savings with three way motor valve.

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