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Alarko ADK-Y Series Full Condensing Boiler

Capacity of max. 2,992 kW with 16 cascademounted boilers (*) Note: ADK-Y3 type cannot be operated as cascade. Extremely clean burning; standard performance of max. 109% (At 50/30°C). Very low flue temperatures. Easy access to all parts, easy operation and maintenance. No need to increase the return temperature. Very small size versus great power. Fully mounted delivery. It is tested according to EN 15420 and EN 15417.

Wide Range Of Options
5 models within the capacity range of 16-187 kW

Thanks to its special design firing chamber, perfect burning and minimum values in hazardous waste gases are obtained.

High Performance
Heat transfer surfaces are increased with special design vanes in the firing chamber and smoke flues. Boiler performance is boosted by maximizing boiler performance.

Less fuel consumption with incredibly wide modulation range between 16%-100%.

Flame Monitoring

Thanks to its high heat resistant flame window, firing of burner can be monitored without opening the front case cover.

Full Quality Control

During the manufacture, each boiler section is tested at 9-bar pressure.

Long Lasting

Silicium-Magnesium alloyed, resistant aluminium casted material made, high performance heat exchanger. Long lasting and requires minimum maintenance.

Computerized Control

Control and adjustment can be made via computer with USB connection. Parameters can be saved and printed out. Failure history can be monitored.

Easy Installation

Easy setup and installation thanks to the connections at the back of the boiler.

Casting Aluminium Alloyed (AISi10mg) Sections

Cast sections with special designed surface ensure increasing the performance by enlarging the heating surface.

Fiber Coated Pre-Mix Burner

Low waste gas emission Fiber coated pre-mix gas burner provides a clean and problem-free burning by ensuring gas and air mixture in optimum ratios. While it achieves performance by 109% in average in condensation mode, it achieves ratios of NOx less than 20 ppm and of CO less than 100 ppm.

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