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Alarko 6"-8" Stainless Steel Series Submersible Pumps

It does not have to be protected from open air conditions because motor works in the well water. No limitation for the depth of immersion. It can be come down to deep as total head. Any special tube or tool is not required. There is not fan adjustment problem. Shaft cutting or oil lack is not experienced. Mounting is easily and there is not any axle alignment problem. It is silent. It is not effected well inclines as pump with perpendicular shaft. Capability of using drill pipe of 6 5/8" instead of 8" for 70 m³/h flowrate of up to 50 Hp motor power, 8 5/8" drill pipe instead of 10 3/4" for 118 m³/h flowrate.

Applications Datas

Three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous water lubricated motors with powers between 10-180 HP.

Special isolated stator which uses coil wire suitable to work under water.

Horizontal bearing assembly that carries axial load and water lubricated radial bearing.

Flat motor exit cable, cut in standard length, designed specially for working under water.

Should give direct way up until 20 HP, and star-delta between 25-180 HP.

Optional design in AL 6-8 motors suitable for Operation with different frequency and voltage values with soft starter.

Automatic pump activation-deactivation control according to the well water level through water level relay.

Protecting the motor against two-phase operation instabilities with phase control relay.

Protection of the pump from short circuit through fuses.

 Application Limits

Five series of 6", 8" as per pump’s nominal diameter.

Total 7 models and 55 types between 10 and 180 HP.


All Alarko 6” and 8” KPS pumps are made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304 (DIN W.-Nr.1.4301). For particulary aggressive liquids pumps are available in extra high grade stainless steel AISI 316 (DIN W.-Nr.1.4401). For handling slightly contaminated water such as oil containing water we can offer all rubber parts made of Viten® as an option.

The octogonal rubber bearing and build in sand protection shields are designed to ensure that sand is removed from the pump and meter by the water that is being pumped.

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