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Toshiba Once Again Selected the “Coolest Brand” of the HVAC Industry

Toshiba was selected the “Coolest Brand” in the HVAC industry in the fourth annual “Cool Brands Survey” conducted by Roamler Turkey for Marketing Turkey, one of the most prestigious publications of the marketing world. 

In nearly 30 categories, a public jury chose the coolest brands of 2019, which received their awards at the “Cool Night” ceremony held at Mars Cinemas at Kanyon on 7 November. Toshiba’s business activities in the HVAC industry in Turkey are conducted by Alarko Carrier, one of the leading brands in the industry, and the innovative, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products Toshiba offers the market are well-liked by consumers. 

The advanced technology used in Toshiba’s multi-system air-conditioning units offers optimum performance and improves quality of life.

Methodology of the Survey: Conducted by Marketing Turkey and Roamler Turkey, the “Cool Brands” survey identifies those brands which have succeeded in winning the heart of targeted consumers with the lifestyle that they offer. A crowdsourcing method was used to conduct the survey on Roamler Turkey’s mobile application, where a group of 1200 Roamler users, 50 percent of these women and 50 percent men, representing 12 regions of Turkey, were asked to name the brand they found the “coolest,” first independent of category and then on the basis of category. The consumers indicated the brand they found “the” coolest.

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