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Social Media’s “Golden Award” to Alarko Carrier Once Again!

Alarko Carrier qualified for the “Golden Award” as the most social brand in the air conditioning sector in the Data Analytics category at the second Social Media Awards Turkey organized by Marketing Türkiye and BoomSonar.

With its expertise, Deloitte Türkiye also gave support for the process to be carried out in a transparent and accountable way at this organization where the successful work and strategies of brands in the social media were evaluated. The awards ceremony took place at the Raffles Hotel on Thursday night April 26th.

The Data Analytics Awards, one of the categories of the competition, is given according to the results of the “SocialBrands Social Media Brand Index” analyzing the performance of the brands in the social media impartially and based on data. The number of followers of the social accounts of the brand, usage of messages, type and density of the interaction received by messages, and its position vis a vis the other brands in the sector are effective in the evaluation.

At the ceremony, Alarko Carrier Advertising and Public Relations Manager Hüdai Öztürk stated that the social media was important in the course of the way businesses conduct their business and that communications could not be considered independent of this.

Expressing that brands turned to the social media because of its speed and power in reaching the masses Öztürk said, “The interactive structure of the system enables us to see the view point and expectations more clearly. Moreover, we can also measure the effect we create. Therefore, we give great importance to the social media and use it actively. In our sector, we were the first to realize live broadcast on Facebook and to open the corporate enterprise account on Instagram. Now, we also plan special projects for special days in all social media platforms and put them in effect. The interaction we get with these efforts enabled us to qualify for this award. We will maintain this and other such activities relentlessly.”

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