Alarko 4" DMD - P Series  Submersible Pumps
Alarko 4" DMD - P Series Submersible Pumps

Submersible pump is your biggest helper when present resources are inadequate and ground waters should be extracted.

  • It is unrivaled, problem-free and economic in supplying drinking and usage waters.

  • It is robust and long-lived.

  • Especially in tourism season, in touristic facilities where water is needed more than ever, it helps the problem of water be remedied in cases where city main is inadequate.

  • It is the most suitable solution for well water use in buildings, and car wash stations.

  • It is farmer and producer’s biggest friend in irrigation of garden and agricultural areas.

  • It overcomes water-problem and drought, and brings life to the soil and abundance to the produce.

  • Alarko Diamond submersible pumps meet all your needs with 6 type, 44 models and high-reliability components with a capacity interval of 0,5-21 m³/hour.