Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Selects Alarko Carrier Submersible Pumps

One more time, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality preferred Alarko Carrier products for the second phase of the project to provide potable water.

90 pieces of noryl-fan submersible pump, to be used in central districts and villages of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality.

The products were delivered to the municipality executives following all factory and control test conducted at our Gebze manufacturing center.

The Alarko submersible pumps with noryl fan preferred by metropolitan municipalities to meet the potable water demands come to the fore as uninterrupted water supplies with a short term return on investment.

The pumps preferred by users due to their long life and high efficiency in providing water in enterprises, are especially preferred in obtaining potable and usage water.

Our pumps used for various purposes in buildings from skyscrapers to single family houses also store water just like hydrophores.

Alarko Carrier is among the most preferred brands with all these superior technical features as well as the continuous & quality service and rapid spare parts it provides.