Alarko Carrier System Sales Ankara Office Meets Designers

The Ankara Office of Alarko Carrier System Sales met with designers at the meeting about central system planning and automation (plant system manager).

Functions and importance of Chiller System Optimizer and Chiller Plant Manager programs were emphasized and Jim Kilcoyne from Automated Logic-Carrier gave information on the software and hardware equipment of the PlantCTRL system.The meeting began with the opening speeches of Alarko Carrier Deputy Executive Vice President İsmet Gençer and Ankara Office Manager Tamer Şenyuva. In his speech, Şenyuva pointed out the fact that it was very important for the lifelong cost of the cooling system to determine the building’s cooling load and its type, the selection of the chillers, towers, pumps and other fittings, the designing of the piping system and system automation when the building is at the designing stage.

Şenyuva said, “The Chiller System Optimizer program simulates the working of energy consuming equipment within the facility taking into consideration the design characteristics of the facility and makes a comparative economic analysis. Chiller Plant Manager is the building management system software that allows the chillers/towers/pumps and other equipment in the cooling center in the most efficient and optimum manner. It is important to determine the design that has the lowest lifelong cost. It is also very important to design the whole cooling facility in the most efficient way.”

In addition to giving general information regarding the software and hardware equipment of the PlantCTRL system, Jim Kilcoyne from Automated Logic-Carrier shared the application areas and energy efficiency of the said system, the benefits it provided with regards to stability and measurability to the end user with the participants.

Kilcoyne also mentioned PlantCTRL work principles such as Additional Cooling Required (ACR), Reduced Cooling Required (RCR), Maximum Efficiency Factor, and Demand Limiting. At the end Kilcoyne emphasized features such as user friendly interface, ease in attaining real time and retroactive data, customizability according to the Project, the fact that it can be configured on site, and that there are ready software libraries.

Later on at the seminar, designer Coşkun Lökçe who completed his active life in business and Bülent Özgür were presented plaque for their success and contributions to the sector.