East Anatolia Area Authorized Dealer Meeting

“Regional Authorized Dealers Meeting” attended by our dealers in the Eastern Anatolia Region was held in Erzurum in the past days.

The meeting started with Alarko Carrier Group Deputy Executive Vice President Haluk Ferizoğlu’s opening speech. During the meeting, activities of 2017 were evaluated and the comments were received from the authorized dealers for the 2018 plans.

The event was attended by 28 Alarko Carrier dealers from 10 cities. Haluk Ferizoğlu, who thanked the participants for the productive year of 2017, said, “We are pleased with the sales and increasing customer satisfaction of our regional dealers. In the region with challenging winter conditions, we successfully carry out all technical support and installation processes that our customers need. The new Alarko Seradens Super Plus Double Condensing Boiler, which we launched last year, attracted a great deal of attention due to its heating options that match the requirements of the region, and high efficiency. We will work with all our might to continue this success in 2018. I would like to thank you for your participation and support with your comments for our planning.”