Alarko Carrier Vivifies the Denizli Potable Water Facilities

Alarko Carrier’s submersible pumps with Noryl fan are being used to provide potable water to the center,districts and villages of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality.

The 210 pcs 6-8” Alarko submersible pumps with Noryl Fan to be used at the project were delivered following the acceptance test conducted by the commission at the Alarko Carrier Gebze manufacturing facility.

At the tests done at the Alarko Carrier pump test laboratory with TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 Testing and Calibration Compliance Certificate and Türkak Accredite Certificate it was observed that the required pressure, the water flow rate given under the said pressure and the minimum system efficiency values of the submersible motopumps were in accordance with the specifications.

The engines of the Alarko Carrier submersible pumps with Noryl fan that are not on the surface are not affected by open air conditions. The product does not have an installation depth limit and can be lowered as much as the pump head.

The pumps manufactured at Alarko Carrier’s high technology Gebze facilities come to the forefront with the fact that they don’t require special pipes and equipments, don’t have fan adjustment issues, and do not cause shaft cutting and oil leak problems. Easy to install products working quietly and do not disturb the environment.