High Efficiency Seradens Super Plus Double Condensing Combi by Alarko Carrier

The Seradens Super Plus full condensing combis, Turkey’s first and only combi with double condensing characteristics by Alarko Carrier, one of the leaders of the air conditioning sector with its state of the art technology, is highly demanded by the consumers. Seradens Super Plus combis use condensing technology both in heating and domestic hot water thus providing efficiency of over 100 %.

These combis are among the most environmentally friendly products of Alarko and enable a comfortable and economic warming experience with their low noise level, low flue gas temperature reduced up to approximately 40 C˚and low emission rate.

The Seradens series also gives the chance to make use of solar energy in the heating of domestic hot water with its optional solar connection set and additional hot water tank. Combis with steel exchanger with high resistance against condensate water are manufactured in four different capacities namely, 20, 24, 28 and 36 kW.These combis with long service life, very extensive heat modulation range that goes from 17% to 100%, allow minimum stop and start operations and maximum fuel saving.

The Seradens Super Plus series that allows practical setting of both heating and domestic hot water with its Eco mod and its white illuminated LCD display, digital manometer and opentherm remote control connection offers ease of use.