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Gas-Fired Wall Hung Boilers


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Totally New!

SERENA KOMBI having an important place with 60% of sales in Alarko Wall Hung Boilers and with sales of approximately 100.000 units, has been renewed by being furnished with the best features, new safety systems and the latest technologies in the world.

Serena is now offering a slimmer and higher efficiency boiler saving electricity more...


Less Energy, More Efficiency

Lower, only 110 Watt-energy consumption with “Lower Energy” labeled circulation pump, it consumes less electricity. Serena has the highest efficiency among classical wall hung boilers with its 93% efficiency and efficiency sign "êêê" under the terms of 92/42/EEC European Efficiency Directive. It is bringing in, not only at the time of buying but also using it.


Small Size

It is also very small-sized* and one of the central heating boilers, which have the lowest depth and volume. Especially, it can be mounted so easily even into the narrowest kitchen cabinets with its minimized form. Users will therefore like new Serena more...

*SR 20 (W: 41cm / H: 80cm / D: 27cm)

*SR 27 (W: 45cm / H: 80cm / D: 32cm)


Total Comfort Control

Serena provides extra comfort with its LCD digital operating and breakdown screen panel... Boiler operation modes and temperature values together with warning and fault signals are shown on LCD screen. Operating automatically in accordance with outside temperature provides maximum fuel economy*. Extra comfort and extra economy is enabled by wireless remote control*. It operates in compliance with underfloor heating systems.

*Outdoor sensor and remote control are optional.



  • 24 kW and 32.1 kW capacity

  • Continuous and full flame modulation in domestic hot water and central heating modes

  • Three way diverter motor valve

  • Works with low DHW pressure

  • 3 minutes delay in central heating to prevent the boiler engaging frequently

  • Temperature adjustment,

    35-60 °C for domestic hot water

    30-80 °C for central heating system

    25-40 °C for underfloor heating system

  • Easy installation with its light weight and minimum dimensions

  • Self-Diagnostic electronic card

  • Compatible with European norms, low emission, high efficiency and enviromental friendly product.

  • High quality after sales service.

  • More than 400 service shops throughout Turkey.


Comfort and Safe Control with DIGITECH®

Simple and elegant, self-diagnostic new DIGITECH® electronic printed circuit board has operation modes, operating temperatures, outside temperature, warning and fault displays on the LCD screen. It enables setting of parameters.

It continuously checks the combi boiler for safety, comfortable and efficient operation.

Continuous full modulation for both domestic hot water and central heating

  • Three ignition attempts

  • High temperature limit thermostat safety

  • Temperature control with domestic hot water and central heating sensors, sensor fault warnings

  • Flame detection

  • Adjustable central heating thermostat time delay function

  • Heating and domestic hot water frost protection

  • Central heating and domestic hot water pump overrun

  • Pump jamming prevention

  • Water hammer prevention

  • Central heating low and high pressure safety

  • Domestic hot water low pressure safety

  • Automatic by-pass

  • Hermetic pipe blocking and fan malfunction safety

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